Agario game is a very addicting game. There is much joy for you to explore. It is a fun MMO game in which you have to eat or be eaten while you strive to dominate the World of colorful cells. In this game, players compete as entities called cells to consume and outsmart each other, and attempt to attain and keep the largest total mass of any player in the lobby.
- You only can consume targets that are smaller than you to evolve yourself.
- You must give larger objects a wide berth or you will die. Start moving through the grid and try to catch all the tiny blurs of color. Eat and grow, split and multiply and rule the world.
Press W to eject mass, and spacebar to split yourself.. Use your mouse to play.

Most agree the following key tactics will help you how to win at the game:
- When you are small, hide behind shelters to save your circle.
– The playing board has edges, so rather than trying to chase them down it is possible to trap your rivals in corners and then consume them.
– Once you grow in size, it can be a good idea to split yourself into smaller cells to move more quickly.